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ansi & ^R filter for compilation mode by fledermausNone
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Bitlbee File Transfer : by drewcNone
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sbcl 1.2.2 build fix on win64 by vi1None
my guix .bash_profile by mark_weaverNone
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About lisppaste
Lisppaste is a pastebot / pastebin / nopaste service with syntax highlighting, XML-RPC support, annotations, and more.

Many times when working via IRC, people want to share a snippet of code with somebody else. However, just pasting the code into IRC creates a flood of text which is hard to read and scrolls by as discussion progresses.

Thus, the pastebot was invented, which has a web form where users can paste code, and the URL of the paste is announced on the desired channel. Lisppaste is an advanced pastebot running on the IRC server Freenode which has many unique features.

It also allows pastes which are not announced on any channel, which is useful for sections of code which need to be sent to a mailing list or are discussed in ways other than IRC.

Lisppaste is graciously hosted by - a hosting service for projects written in Common Lisp (like this one).

Questions? Comments? Want lisppaste in your channel? Email me.

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Lisppaste pastes can be made by anyone at any time. Imagine a fearsomely comprehensive disclaimer of liability. Now fear, comprehensively.