Paste number 12250: for norrEAson!!!111

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Paste number 12250: for norrEAson!!!111
Pasted by: cbarrett
When:14 years, 11 months ago
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The following is an actual crash report we got. For reference, the URL is here:

Title: Fuckin shout down i fnome for norrEAson!!11!

I was sittin on the couch boozing withy may buddy and he was liek, chedck that igrls in fo, she's hot... so iddi .

And then i was like, "w0rd" anbd die, and he ahad alime provile, so we iogrnored her. Then is just fuckin shut down on menf ro noreason,.... its all goodo though, i loved it, i lvoe adium, its teh hotness.

No w0rries , i lvoe it.

come over for abeer!!


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Annotation number 1: Dead link
Pasted by: cbarrett
When:14 years, 6 months ago
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The link above is no longer valid.

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