Paste number 138068: csound pkgs installed

Paste number 138068: csound pkgs installed
Pasted by: himynameisphil
When:4 years, 9 months ago
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~  > yum list installed | grep csound
csound.x86_64                      5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-devel.x86_64                5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-dssi.x86_64                 5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-fltk.x86_64                 5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-gui.x86_64                  5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-jack.x86_64                 5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-manual.noarch               5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-osc.x86_64                  5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-python.x86_64               5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     
csound-virtual-keyboard.x86_64     5.13.0-9.fc18                    @fedora     

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