Paste number 139513: gtypist.scm ncursesw fail

Paste number 139513: gtypist.scm ncursesw fail
Pasted by: gzg
When:6 years, 9 months ago
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(define-module (gnu packages gtypist)
   #:use-module (guix licenses)
   #:use-module (guix packages)
   #:use-module (guix download)
   #:use-module (guix build-system gnu)
   #:use-module (gnu packages)
   #:use-module (gnu packages perl)
   #:use-module (gnu packages ncurses))

(define-public gtypist
    (name "gtypist")
    (version "2.9.3")
    (source (origin
             (method url-fetch)
	     (uri (string-append "mirror://gnu/gtypist/gtypist-" 
                                  version ".tar.gz"))
	      (base32 "1lb2lhmm89rraisci3srwjwm4ywa9kss00gknwyalrnnc8ix4w0j"))))
    (build-system gnu-build-system)
    (inputs `(("perl" ,perl)
              ("ncurses" ,ncurses)))
    (home-page "")
    (synopsis "Universal typing tutor")
     "GNU Typist (also called gtypist) is a universal typing tutor. You can learn correct 
typing and improve skills by practicing its exercises on a regular basis.") 
    (license gpl3)))


checking ncursesw/ncurses.h usability... no
checking ncursesw/ncurses.h presence... no
checking for ncursesw/ncurses.h... no
checking for add_wch in -lncursesw... yes
Error:  both library and header files for the ncursesw library
 are required to build this package.  See INSTALL file for further information. On Debian/Ubuntu you need to install libncursesw5-dev.
phase `configure' failed after 4 seconds
builder for `/nix/store/rf9yxwknkq46iq08h2ag3znp5f5jdpkv-gtypist-2.9.3.drv' failed with exit code 1
@ build-failed /nix/store/rf9yxwknkq46iq08h2ag3znp5f5jdpkv-gtypist-2.9.3.drv - 1 builder for `/nix/store/rf9yxwknkq46iq08h2ag3znp5f5jdpkv-gtypist-2.9.3.drv' failed with exit code 1
guix build: error: build failed: build of `/nix/store/rf9yxwknkq46iq08h2ag3znp5f5jdpkv-gtypist-2.9.3.drv' failed

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