Paste number 143259: configwithx.scm

Paste number 143259: configwithx.scm
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(use-modules (gnu)
	     (gnu packages emacs)
	     (gnu packages vim)
	     (gnu packages screen)
	     (gnu packages grub)
	     (gnu packages gawk)
	     (gnu packages perl)
	     (gnu packages lynx)
	     (gnu packages file)
	     (gnu packages compression)
	     (gnu packages admin)
	     (gnu packages linux)
	     (gnu packages xorg)
	     (gnu packages ratpoison)
	     (gnu services base)
	     (gnu services networking)
	     (gnu services xorg)
	     (gnu system file-systems)
	     (guix monads))

  (host-name "vrjina-dev")
  (timezone "Asia/Singapore")
  (bootloader (grub-configuration
		(device "/dev/sda")))
  (file-systems (cons (file-system
		       (device "root")
				(title 'label)
		       (mount-point "/")
		       (type "ext4"))
  (users (list (user-account
		(name "bjs")
		(group "bjs")
		(password "")
		(uid 1000)
		(supplementary-groups '("wheel","users","audio","video","dialout"))
		(home-directory "/home/mhw"))))
  (groups (cons (user-group
		 (name "bjs")
		 (id 1000))
  (packages (cons* emacs
		   tar gzip bzip2 xz
		   screen file diffutils
		   gawk perl lynx
		   ratpoison xterm
   (let ((motd (text-file "motd" "
This is the GNU operating system, welcome!\n\n")))
     (list (console-font-service "tty1")
	   (console-font-service "tty2")
	   (console-font-service "tty3")
	   (console-font-service "tty4")
	   (console-font-service "tty5")
	   (console-font-service "tty6")

	   (mingetty-service "tty1" #:motd motd)
	   (mingetty-service "tty2" #:motd motd)
	   (mingetty-service "tty3" #:motd motd)
	   (mingetty-service "tty4" #:motd motd)
	   (mingetty-service "tty5" #:motd motd)
	   (mingetty-service "tty6" #:motd motd)

	   (static-networking-service "lo" ""
				      #:provision '(loopback))
	   (guix-service #:authorize-hydra-key? #t)

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