Paste number 144849: Borked, Guix Config. (exec-from-login-shell prob)

Paste number 144849: Borked, Guix Config. (exec-from-login-shell prob)
Pasted by: tadni
When:7 years, 1 month ago
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(define-syntax-rule (use-package-modules module ...)
  (use-modules (gnu packages module) ...))

(define-syntax-rule (use-service-modules module ...)
  (use-modules (gnu services module) ...))

(define-syntax-rule (use-system-modules module ...)
  (use-modules (gnu system module) ...))


(use-modules (gnu)
	     (gnu packages)
 	     (gnu services)
 	     (gnu system)
 	     (guix monads))

   emacs conkeror ratpoison feh scrot grub gawk perl ncurses aspell fonts
   version-control ssh wget video xiph file compression admin linux xorg)

   base networking ssh dbus xorg)

;(keyboard-layout 'colemak)

  (host-name "geist")
  (timezone "America/Chicago")
  (bootloader (grub-configuration
	       (device "/dev/sda")))
  (file-systems (cons (file-system
		       (device "/dev/sda1")
				(title 'label)
		       (mount-point "/")
		       (type "ext4"))
  (users (list (user-account
		(name "gnuser")
		(group "gnuser")
		(password "")
		(uid 1000)
		(supplementary-groups '("wheel","users","audio","video","dialout"))
		(home-directory "/home/gnuser"))))
  (groups (cons (user-group
		 (name "gnuser")
		 (id 1000))

  (packages (cons* grub
		   tar gzip bzip2 xz file diffutils gawk perl
                   ncurses git wget openssh
		   isc-dhcp wireless-tools wpa-supplicant		   
		   xset setxkbmap xkill
                   aspell aspell-dict-en font-dejavu font-terminus
                   feh scrot alsa-utils vorbis-tools ffmpeg mplayer
		   xterm ratpoison conkeror 
                   emacs emms magit geiser paredit

  (services (cons* (dhcp-client-service #:dhcp isc-dhcp)
                   (dbus-service '())
		   (exec-from-login-shell ratpoison)

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