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Paste number 145028: p363
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;; in .lisp:

187  (with-open-file (*standard-output* "random_walk.svg"
188				   :direction :output
189				   :if-exists :supersede)
190  (svg 400 200
191    (loop repeat 10
192       do (polygon (append '((0 . 200))
193			  (loop for x
194			      for y in (random-walk 100 400)
195			     collect (cons x y))
196			  '((400 . 200)))
197	 (loop repeat 3
198	      collect (random 256))))))

;; repl output:

3 compiler notes:

  note: deleting unreachable code

  note: The second argument never returns a value.

    during macroexpansion of (LOOP FOR X ...). Use *BREAK-ON-SIGNALS* to intercept.
     FOR is an unknown keyword in FOR or AS clause in LOOP.
    current LOOP context: FOR X FOR Y IN.

  note: deleting unreachable code

  note: deleting unreachable code

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