Paste number 147882: GuixSD website

Paste number 147882: GuixSD website
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   (meta (@ (charset "utf-8")))
   (meta (@ (name "author")
	    (content "GuixSD Contributors")))
   (meta (@ (name "description")
	    (content "GuixSD is GNU's advanced system
distribution. GNU is an operating system which respects the freedom of
computer users. You are free to run the system for any purpose, study
how it works, improve it, and share it with the whole world.")))
   (meta (@ (name "keywords")
	    (content "GNU, FSF, Free Software Foundation, Linux,
Emacs, GCC, Unix, Free Software, Libre Software, Operating System, GNU
Kernel, GNU Hurd, GUix Package Manager, Guile Scheme, Functional
package management")))
   (meta (@ (name "viewport")
	    (content "width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0")))
   (link (@ (type "text/css")
	    (rel "stylesheet")
	    (href "/software/guix/static/base/css/base.css")))
   (link (@ (type "text/css")
	    (rel "stylesheet")
	    (href "/software/guix/static/base/css/index.css")))
   (link (@ (type "image/png")
	    (rel "icon")
	    (href "/software/guix/static/base/img/favicon.png")))
   (link (@ (rel "license")
	    (href "Pending...")))

   (title "Home - GuixSD"))


   (div (@ (class "message-box msg-info"))
	(span (@ (class "msg-label")) "Note") "The Guix System
Distribution(GuixSD) is alpha software. This means it is not
production-ready. Itmay contain bugs and lack important features. But
more than a disclaimer, this is an invitation to join us in improving
it. See" (a (@ (href "/software/guix/contribute/")) "Contributing") ",for
more information. We hope you can soon switch to GuixSD withoutfear.")

   (div (@ (id "header-box"))
	(a (@ (id "logo") (href "/software/guix/"))
	   (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/GuixSD-logo.png")
		   (alt "GuixSD"))))
	(ul (@ (id "site-nav"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/download/")) "Download"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/package-list.html")) "Packages"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/help/")) "Help"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/contribute/")) "Contribute"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/donate/")) "Donate"))
	    (li (a (@ (href "/software/guix/about/")) "About"))))

   (div (@ (id "content-box"))
	(div (@ (id "featured-box"))
	     (div (@ (class "featured-content"))
		  (h1 (@ (class "featured-heading"))
		      "The Guix System Distribution")
		  (ul (li (b "Liberating.")
			  " GuixSD is an advanced distribution ofthe "
			  (a (@ (href "") (class "hlink-yellow"))
			     "GNUOperating System")
			  " developed by the"
			  (a (@ (href "")
				(class "hlink-yellow"))
			     "GNU Project")
			  "—which respects the "
			  (a (@ (href "")
				(class "hlink-yellow"))
			     "freedomof computer users")
		      (li (b "Dependable.") " The " (a (@ (href "/software/guix/manual/")
							  (class "hlink-yellow"))
						       "GNU Guix")
			  " PackageManager, in addition to standard
package managementfeatures, supports transactional upgrades and
roll-backs,unprivileged package management, per-user profiles,
andgarbage collection.")
		      (li (b "Hackable.")
			  " It provides "
			  (a (@ (href "")
				(class "hlink-yellow"))
			     "Guile Scheme")
			  " APIs, including high-level
embeddeddomain-specific languages (EDSLs), to describe how packagesare
built and composed."))
		  (div (@ (class "featured-actions"))
		       (a (@ (href "/software/guix/download/")
			     (class "action download"))
			  "TEST v0.8.2 (alpha)")
		       (a (@ (href "/software/guix/contribute/")
			     (class "action contribute"))
	(div (@ (id "discovery-box"))
	     (h2 "Discover GuixSD")
	     (div (@ (class "info-box text-center"))
		  (video (@ (src "")
			    (controls "controls")
			    (class "video-preview")))
		  (p "January 2015, The Emacs of Distros (48
		  (p (a (@ (href "/software/guix/help/#talks")
			   (class "hlink-more-light"))
			"Check all talks")))
	     (div (@ (class "info-box text-left"))
		  (p (a (@ (href "/software/guix/manual/")
			   (class "hlink-yellow"))
			"GNU Guix Documentation")
		     "You may also find more information about GNU Guix by runninginfo guix.")
		  (p (a (@ (href "")
			   (class "hlink-yellow"))
			"Functional Package Management with Guix")
		     "A paper presented at the 2013 European Lisp
Symposium (ELS),describes the rationale, design, and implementation of
Guix'spackaging API.")
		  (p (a (@ (href "")
			   (class "hlink-yellow"))
			"GNU Manuals Online")
		     "Primary documentation for official GNU packages.")
		  (p (a (@ (href "/software/guix/help/")
			   (class "hlink-more-light"))
			"Find more documentation")))
	     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/h-separator-darker.png")
		     (class "h-separator")
		     (alt "")))
	     (div (@ (id "screens-box"))
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/grub-menu.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/grub-menu-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "GRUB menu"))))
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/slim.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/slim-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "Slim login manager"))))
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/windowmaker+icecat+inkscape.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/windowmaker+icecat+inkscape-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "Windowmaker, Icecat, and
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/user-interfaces.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/user-interfaces-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "mplayer and xterm"))))
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/emacs-ui-packages.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/emacs-ui-packages-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "Emacs user interface to the package manager."))))
		  (a (@ (href "/software/guix/screenshots/0.8.2/emacs-ui-generations.png"))
		     (img (@ (src "/software/guix/static/base/img/screenshots/emacs-ui-generations-thumb.png")
			     (class "screenshot-thumb")
			     (alt "Emacs user interface generations.")))))
	     (p (a (@ (href "/software/guix/contribute/")
		      (class "hlink-yellow-boxed"))
		   "Help us package more software →")))
	(div (@ (id "news-box"))
	     (h2 "News")
	     (a (@ (href "")
		   (class "news-entry"))
		(h4 "FSF adds Guix System Distribution to list of
		(p (@ (class "news-date")) "February 3, 2015")
		(p (@ (class "news-summary"))
		   "The Guix System Distribution is a new and growing
distro thatcurrently ships with just over 1000 packages, already
includingalmost all of the programs available from the GNU
	     (a (@ (href "")
		   (class "news-entry"))
		(h4 "GNU Guix 0.8.1 Released")
		(p (@ (class "news-date")) "January 29, 2015")
		(p (@ (class "news-summary"))
		   "We are pleased to announce the next alpha release
of GNU Guix,version 0.8.1. The release comes both with a source
tarball,which allows you to install it on top of a running
GNU/Linuxsystem, and a USB installation image to install the
standaloneGuix System..."))
	     (a (@ (href "")
		   (class "news-entry"))
		(h4 "GNU Guix at FOSDEM")
		(p (@ (class "news-date")) "January 27, 2015")
		(p (@ (class "news-summary"))
		   "Guix will be present at FOSDEM in Brussels,
Belgium, with atalk entitled \"The Emacs of Distros\" this Saturday,
at 3PM, inroom H.1302. The talk will give an update on developments
inGuix and the Guix System Distribution since last year..."))
	     (p (a (@ (href "")
		      (class "hlink-more-dark"))
		   "More news")))
	(div (@ (id "contact-box"))
	     (h2 "Contact")
	     (div (@ (class "info-box text-justify"))
		  (h3 "IRC Channel")
		  (p "Some Guix users and developers hang out on the
#guix channelof the Freenode IRC network. "
		     (small "(See"
			    (a (@ (href ""))
			       "channel logs")
		  (p (@ (class "text-right"))
		     (a (@ (href "")
			   (class "button btn-blue"))
		  (h3 "Report Bugs")
		  (p "Use the bugs mailing list to report bugs. Please
check whetherthe bug is already in the"
		     (a (@ (href ""))
			"bug database")
		  (p (@ (class "text-right"))
		     (a (@ (href "")
			   (class "button btn-red"))
	     (div (@ (class "info-box text-left"))
		  (h3 "Mailing Lists")
		  (p (a (@ (href ""))
			(b "guix-devel"))
		     (small "("
			    (a (@ (href ""))
		     (br) "Discussion about the development of GNU Guix and
the GuixSystem Distribution (GuixSD).")
		  (p (a (@ (href ""))
			(b "bug-guix"))
		     (small "("
			    (a (@ (href ""))
		     "Bug reports for GNU Guix and the Guix System Distribution.")
		  (p (a (@ (href ""))
			(b "gnu-system-discuss"))
		     (small "("
			    (a (@ (href ""))
		     "Discussion about the development of the broader GNU system.")
		  (p (a (@ (href ""))
			(b "gnu-linux-libre"))
		     (small "("
			    (a (@ (href ""))
		     "Workgroup for fully free GNU/Linux distributions.")
		  (p (a (@ (href "")
			   (class "hlink-more-dark"))
			"Find all the available lists")))))
   (div (@ (id "footer-box"))
	"copyleft 2015 GuixSD"
	(a (@ (href "/software/guix/contribute/")
	      (class "hlink-yellow"))
	". Made with "
	(span (@ (class "metta")) "♥")
	" by humans."))))

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