Paste number 14829: svn 13x make check

Paste number 14829: svn 13x make check
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When:16 years, 7 months ago
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% make check
Running all tests in compat-test...success
Running all tests in config-test...success
Running all tests in diff-diff3-test...success
Running all tests in fs-test...success
Running all tests in hashdump-test...success
Running all tests in locks-test...success
Running all tests in opt-test...success
Running all tests in path-test...success
Running all tests in ra-local-test...success
Running all tests in random-test...success
Running all tests in repos-test...success
Running all tests in stream-test...success
Running all tests in string-test...success
Running all tests in time-test...success
Running all tests in translate-test...success
Running all tests in utf-test...success
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in
Running all tests in changes-test...success
Running all tests in fs-base-test...FAILURE
Running all tests in key-test...success
Running all tests in skel-test...success
Running all tests in strings-reps-test...FAILURE

At least one test FAILED, checking /usr/ports/subversion13x/tests.log
FAIL: 9: export working copy with property mods
FAIL: 10: export working copy at base revision
FAIL: 12: export nonexistant file
FAIL: 13: export unversioned file
FAIL: 14: export with state deleted=true
FAIL: 1: test checkouts with externals
FAIL: 2: update to receive a new external module
FAIL: 3: update to lose an external module
FAIL: 4: update change to an unmodified external module
FAIL: 5: update changes to a modified external module
FAIL: 6: update changes under an external module
FAIL: 7: commit and update additional externals
FAIL: 8: error if external target dir involves '.' or '..'
FAIL: 9: test exports with externals
FAIL: 1: performing a merge, with mixed results
FAIL: 2: merge and add new files/dirs with history
FAIL: 3: merge that deletes items
FAIL: 4: some simple property merges
FAIL: 5: merging a file with no explicit target path
FAIL: 6: merge should not die if a target file is absent
FAIL: 7: merge on deleted directory in target
FAIL: 8: merging similar trees ancestrally unrelated
FAIL: 9: merge operations using PREV revision
FAIL: 10: merge change into unchanged binary file
FAIL: 11: merge one file (issue #1150)
FAIL: 12: diff after merge that creates a new file
FAIL: 13: merge should skip over unversioned obstructions
FAIL: 14: merge into missing must not break working copy
FAIL: 15: merge --dry-run adding a new file with props
FAIL: 16: merge binary files with common ancestry
FAIL: 17: merge with funny characters (issue #1905)
FAIL: 18: merge changes to keyword expansion property
FAIL: 19: merge prop change into deleted target
FAIL: 20: merge a file whose name contains a space
FAIL: 21: merge between branches (Issue #2222)
FAIL: 22: property merges don't overwrite existing prop-mods
FAIL: 23: property merge conflict even without local mods
FAIL: 24: undo, then redo a property merge
FAIL: 25: cherry-pick a dependent change, get conflict
FAIL: 2: revert a replaced file with no properties
FAIL: 1: status on unversioned file in current directory
FAIL: 2: run 'status -u' when nested additions are pending
FAIL: 3: status -vN shows all items in current directory
FAIL: 4: status with a versioned file missing
FAIL: 5: status on versioned items whose type has changed
FAIL: 6: status on versioned items replaced by symlinks
FAIL: 7: status -u with new files in the repository
FAIL: 8: status for unignored file and directory
FAIL: 9: status on missing and unversioned file
FAIL: 10: status -u indicates out-of-dateness
FAIL: 11: status -u on outdated, added file shows only that
FAIL: 12: status -u on working copy deleted in HEAD
FAIL: 13: timestamp behaviour
FAIL: 14: status on '..' where '..' is not versioned
FAIL: 15: status -u in partially non-recursive wc
FAIL: 16: a missing dir in the anchor
FAIL: 17: status output in XML format
FAIL: 1: commit new files with keywords active from birth
FAIL: 5: update modified file with eol-style 'native'
FAIL: 6: committing eol-style change forces text send
FAIL: 7: keyword expansion for lone file in directory
FAIL: 8: keyword expanded on cat
FAIL: 9: copy, propset svn:eol-style, commit
FAIL: 10: propset, commit, check out into another wc
FAIL: 11: propset, revert
FAIL: 1: add: config=no,  commandline=none
FAIL: 2: add: config=yes, commandline=none
FAIL: 3: add: config=no,  commandline=yes
FAIL: 4: add: config=yes, commandline=yes
FAIL: 5: add: config=no,  commandline=no
FAIL: 6: add: config=yes, commandline=no
FAIL: 7: import: config=no,  commandline=none
FAIL: 8: import: config=yes, commandline=none
FAIL: 9: import: config=no,  commandline=yes
FAIL: 10: import: config=yes, commandline=yes
FAIL: 11: import: config=no,  commandline=no
FAIL: 12: import: config=yes, commandline=no
FAIL: 13: add directory
FAIL: 14: import directory
FAIL: 1: annotate a file whose name contains a space
FAIL: 2: annotate a binary file
FAIL: 3: annotating a directory not allowed
FAIL: 4: blame output in XML format
FAIL: 5: blame lines from unknown revisions
FAIL: 1: general symlink handling
FAIL: 2: replace a normal file with a special file
FAIL: 3: import and export a symlink
FAIL: 4: 'svn cp dir1 dir2' which contains a symlink
FAIL: 5: replace a special file with a non-special file
FAIL: 6: remove a symlink
FAIL: 4: 'svnadmin dump' on copied directory
FAIL: 5: 'svnadmin dump' on modified child of copied dir
FAIL: 6: 'svnadmin dump --quiet'
FAIL: 7: 'svnadmin hotcopy PATH .'
FAIL: 8: 'svnadmin hotcopy' checking db/format file
FAIL: 1: test miscellaneous svnlook features
FAIL: 2: delete file in moved dir
FAIL: 3: test the printing of property diffs
FAIL: 4: svnlook info must allow inconsistent newlines
FAIL: 5: test --copy-info flag on the changed command
FAIL: 1: test 'svnversion' on wc and other dirs
FAIL: 2: test 'svnversion' with svn:externals
FAIL: 1: verify that 'svn cat' traces renames
FAIL: 2: verify that 'svn cat' avoids false identities
FAIL: 1: lock a file and verify that it's locked
FAIL: 2: commit a file and keep lock
FAIL: 3: commit a file and release lock
FAIL: 4: commit a locked file with a prop change
FAIL: 5: lock a file and verify lock breaking behavior
FAIL: 6: lock a file and verify lock stealing behavior
FAIL: 7: examine the fields of a lockfile for correctness
FAIL: 8: verify behavior when a lock in a wc is defunct
FAIL: 9: verify svn:needs-lock read-only behavior
FAIL: 10: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with defunct lock
FAIL: 11: verify lock removal on a deleted path
FAIL: 12: lock and unlock some files
FAIL: 13: verify removal of a directory with locks inside
FAIL: 14: verify status of lock in working copy
FAIL: 15: verify status of stolen lock
FAIL: 16: verify status of broken lock
FAIL: 17: verify error on locking non-existent file
FAIL: 18: lock an out-of-date file and ensure failure
FAIL: 19: update handles svn:needs-lock correctly
FAIL: 20: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with revert
FAIL: 21: examine the fields of a lock from a URL
FAIL: 22: lock/unlock several files in one go
FAIL: 23: lock/unlock switched files
FAIL: 24: lock and unlock a file with an URI-unsafe name
FAIL: 25: svn:needs-lock and svn:executable, part I
FAIL: 26: svn:needs-lock and svn:executable, part II
FAIL: 27: commit file with xml-unsafe name and release lock
FAIL: 28: verify info path@X or path -rY return repos lock
FAIL: 29: (un)lock set of files, one already (un)locked
FAIL: 30: show correct lock info on moved path
FAIL: 1: cat a local directory
FAIL: 2: cat a remote directory
FAIL: 3: cat a file at revision BASE
FAIL: 4: cat a nonexistant file
FAIL: 5: cat should skip uncattable resources
FAIL: 1: import of executable files
FAIL: 2: do not import ignored files in imported dirs
FAIL: 3: avoid creating empty revisions with import
FAIL: 4: import ignored files in imported dirs
FAIL:  fs-base-test 3: delete mutable nodes from directories
FAIL:  fs-base-test 4: delete nodes tree
FAIL:  fs-base-test 5: abort a transaction
FAIL:  fs-base-test 6: create new items within a copied directory
FAIL:  fs-base-test 8: test skip deltas
FAIL:  fs-base-test 9: ensure no-op for redundant copies
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 1: write a new rep, get a new key back
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 2: write a new rep, then overwrite it
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 3: write and overwrite a new rep; confirm with reads
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 4: write, then delete, a new rep; confirm deletion
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 5: test many strings table functions together
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 6: write a null string
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 7: write a string, then abort during an overwrite
FAIL:  strings-reps-test 8: create and copy a string
At least one test was SKIPPED, checking /usr/ports/subversion13x/tests.log
SKIP: 1: conversion of paths and logs to/from utf8
make: *** [check] Error 1

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