Paste number 313147: untitled

Paste number 313147: untitled
Pasted by: phant0mas
When:5 years, 9 months ago
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01:48:41 manolis@aeneas ~/git_repos/guix $ ls /gnu/store/ccmkmj8j9wzw31im655xbpwda5sd4i5y-avr-gcc-4.9.3/lib/gcc/avr/4.9.3/
avr25  avr3  avr31  avr35  avr4  avr5  avr51  avr6  avrxmega2  avrxmega4  avrxmega5  avrxmega6  avrxmega7  include  include-fixed  install-tools  libgcc.a  libgcov.a  plugin  tiny-stack
01:50:03 manolis@aeneas ~/git_repos/guix $ 

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