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Paste number 323870: untitled
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;;;;Diminishing Gap Sort pr2
;;need to sort a list into it's smallest gaps.
(defun find-gaps (lst)
  "Finds the gaps between each list. Subtracts the second from the first then the third from the second etc" 
  (mapcar (lambda (x y)
	    (list x y(- x y)))
	  (cons 0 lst)))
(defun sort-list (worked-list)
  "Sorts the list into a decreasing order using the third value of each list for comparisons"
  (sort worked-list #'third-min))
(defun third-min (x y)
  "Compares the third element of lists x and y to see if they are in decreasing order"
  (> (third x) (third y)))
(defun return-answer (worked-list)
  "Returns the final answer in a human readable format"
  (format t "Sorted list: ~A ~%Gaps: ~A"
	  (mapcar #'first worked-list)
	  (mapcar #'third worked-list)))

CL-USER> (return-answer (sort-list (find-gaps '(5 12 14 15 80 121 134 144 256))))
Sorted list: (256 80 121 134 144 12 5 14 15) 
Gaps: (112 65 41 13 10 7 5 2 1)

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