Paste number 325892: computed-dir

Paste number 325892: computed-dir
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(define (rottlog-etc config)
  (define (period->etc-pair period)
    ;;(list (car period) #~(cdr period))
    (list (car period) (cdr period)))
  (let ((periods (rottlog-periods config)
    (pk "PERIODS:" '#$periods)
      ("rc" ,(rottlog-rc-file config))
      ;;("/rottlog/rc" ,(rottlog-rc-file config))
      ;;("rottlog" `(("rc" ,,(rottlog-rc-file config))))

      ,@(map period->etc-pair (rottlog-periods config))
      ;; /etc/rottlog: no freakin' way...: Unknown # object: #\<
      ("rottlog" ,(computed-file
                       (mkdir #$output)
                       ;;(pk "PERIODS:" '#$periods)
                        (lambda (period)
                          (let ((name (car period))
                                (file (cdr period)))
                            ;;(symlink file (string-append #$output "/" name))
                        '#$(map identity periods)

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