Paste number 332059: #assword chat

Paste number 332059: #assword chat
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[Sat Nov 19 2016]                                                               
*** You have joined channel #assword                                    [11:52] 
*** Topic for #assword: assword -- the password manager that doesn't print --                                            
*** #assword: topic set by ChanServ!, 13:44:24        
*** Users on #assword: cwebber konubinix dkg jrollins                           
*** #assword modes: +nt                                                         
*** #assword was created on Friday 2016/06/24 02:15:58 AM                       
<cwebber> dkg: looks like python2-gpgme stops working with gpgme 1.7.1  [11:58] 
<cwebber> heads up                                                              
<cwebber> oh                                                                    
<cwebber> wait, might be wrong, it might also be that we switched things to     
          gnupg 2.1.x                                                           
[Sun Nov 20 2016]                                                               
<dkg> cwebber: yes, i'm aware of the problems there, and i've been trying to    
      fix several upstream problems to get them all fixed correctly     [16:44] 
<dkg> at the moment, the "proper" fix is blocked by debian FTP-master's NEW     
<dkg> the proper fix is to get GnuPG's upstream-maintained "gpg" python module  
      into debian                                                               
<dkg> and then switch assword to use that.                                      
<cwebber> dkg: good to know... that does sound like a good strategy     [16:46] 
<cwebber> dkg: mind if I paste this conversation back into #guix on freenode,   
          to give context to another packager?                          [16:47] 
<dkg> cwebber: that's fine, and you can also invite them over here if you like  
<cwebber> dkg: cool                                                             

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