Paste number 348854: jmd in #gnu

Paste number 348854: jmd in #gnu
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When:5 years, 2 months ago
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<TopSekret_> Hey, why installing GuixSD lasts so long?                  [12:47]
<TopSekret_> Also, at some point, it requires me to use --fallback.
*** notadeveloper (~textual@2602:306:bd2a:a160:ac17:38aa:a04f:a3e2) has joined
    channel #gnu                                                        [12:48]
<jmd> TopSekret_: Probably because the Guix mirrors are not up to date.
<jmd> But those questions are better asked on #guix
<TopSekret_> Oh, really? The official rules don't mention the channel ;)
*** nckx ( has joined channel #gnu                      [12:49]
*** ziox (~ziox@ has joined channel #gnu
<jmd> TopSekret_: It's an unofficial channel. (Be very diplomatic when asking
      questions there.  Some of the participants are unfortunately rather
      intolerant people).
<TopSekret_> Thank you                                                  [12:50]
<jmd> You're welcome.

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