Paste number 355729: keyboard

Paste number 355729: keyboard
Pasted by: jherrlin
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 (srfi srfi-1)
 (gnu system nss)
 (gnu system locale) 
 (gnu packages emacs)
 (gnu packages xdisorg)
 (gnu packages guile)
 (gnu services))

(define 00-keyboard.conf "
Section \"InputClass\"
    Identifier \"keyboard-all\"
    Driver \"evdev\"
    Option \"XkbLayout\" \"us,se\"
    Option \"XkbVariant\" \",\"
    Option \"XkbOptions\" \"grp:win_space_toggle,caps:ctrl_modifier\"
    MatchIsKeyboard \"on\"

(use-service-modules dbus networking desktop)
(use-package-modules bootloaders wm ratpoison certs suckless emacs)

 (host-name "antelope")
 (timezone "Europe/Stockholm")
 (locale "en_US.utf8")
   (locale-definition (name "en_US.utf8") (source "en_US") (charset "UTF-8"))
   (locale-definition (name "sv_SE.utf8") (source "sv_SE") (charset "UTF-8"))))

 ;; Assuming /dev/sdX is the target hard disk, and "my-root"
 ;; is the label of the target root file system.
 ;; Device       Start       End   Sectors   Size Type
 ;; /dev/sda1     2048   1026047   1024000   500M EFI System
 ;; /dev/sda2  1026048   9414655   8388608     4G Linux swap
 ;; /dev/sda3  9414656 234441614 225026959 107.3G Linux filesystem
 (bootloader (grub-configuration 
	      (grub grub-efi)
	      (device "/dev/sda1")))

 (file-systems (cons* (file-system
		       (device "guixsd-root")
		       (title 'label)
		       (mount-point "/")
		       (type "ext4"))
		       (device "/dev/sda1")
		       (mount-point "/boot/efi")
                       (needed-for-boot? #t)
		       (type "vfat"))
 (swap-devices '("/dev/sda2"))

 (kernel-arguments '("modprobe.blacklist=pcspkr,snd_pcsp"))

 (users (cons (user-account
	       (name "nils")
	       (comment "user")
	       (group "users")
	       (supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev"
				       "audio" "video"))
	       (home-directory "/home/nils"))

 ;; Add a bunch of window managers; we can choose one at
 ;; the log-in screen with F1.
 (packages (cons* ratpoison i3-wm i3status dmenu ;window managers
		  nss-certs                      ;for HTTPS access

 ;; Use the "desktop" services, which include the X11
 ;; log-in service, networking with Wicd, and more.
 (services %desktop-services)

 ;; Allow resolution of '.local' host names with mDNS.
 (name-service-switch %mdns-host-lookup-nss))

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