Paste number 5418: Trivial-http hack

Paste number 5418: Trivial-http hack
Pasted by: Baughn
When:13 years, 4 months ago
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Two functions to add, two to replace:

(defun skip-headers (stream)
  "Skips bytes in the stream until it runs into two CR-LF sequences"
  (let* ((sequence '(13 10 13 10))
	 (point sequence))
    (loop while point
	  do (if (= (read-byte stream) (car point))
		 (setf point (cdr point))
		 (setf point sequence))
	  finally (return stream))))

(defun call-server (url method &key (element-type 'character) content-type content)
  (let* ((host (url-host url))
	 (port (url-port url))
	 (stream (open-stream host port :element-type element-type)))
    (flet ((send (string)
	     (if (eq element-type 'character)
		 (princ string stream)
		 (loop for char across string
		       do (write-byte (char-code char) stream)))))

      (send (format nil
		    "~A ~A HTTP/1.0~AHost: ~A~AUser-agent: Trivial HTTP for Common Lisp~A"
		    method url +crlf+ host +crlf+ +crlf+))
      (if (eq method :post)
	  (send (format nil
			"Content-type: ~A~AContent-Length: ~D~A~A~A"
			content-type +crlf+ (length content) +crlf+ +crlf+ content))
	  (send +crlf+))
      (force-output stream)
      (if (eq element-type 'character)
	   (response-read-code stream)
	   (response-read-headers stream)
	  (skip-headers stream)))))

(defun http-get (url)
  (destructuring-bind (code headers stream)
      (call-server url :head)
    (close stream)
    (let ((answer-type (assoc :content-type headers)))
      (if (and answer-type (not (string= (cdr answer-type) "text/" :end1 5)))
	  (list code headers (call-server url :get :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
	  (call-server url :get)))))
(defun http-post (url content-type content)
  (call-server url :post :content-type content-type :content content))

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