Paste number 6304: IRC issues

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Paste number 6304: IRC issues
Pasted by: dchoby98
When:15 years, 6 months ago
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Integration -- use the gaim prpl

Server commands -- interpret /command locally or remotely?
  Means we should standardize AppleScript substitutions to NOT use /, and pass on /commands?
    Can we just get a list of gaim-supported commands and pass only those on?
  Other forms of commands supported by gaim, on other services?

Status -- how do we deal with specific IRC events?
  Users entered / exited -- general to group chats, need to be added anyhow.
  Mode changes, kicks, etc. -- more or less IRC-specific

  We need a way to get at channels and servers
    One account per server? Network?
    Show channels and/or servers in the contact list?
    New menu items to join channels, modify modes, etc.
  Specific Contacts
    Individual users can have modes not otherwise used in Adium, such as Op or Voice
    Can we handle service-specific modes in the CL? Currently all services support the same basic modes, or some similar subset.
  How far do we go?
    Do we want to be a great IRC client, or just enough for users to get to #adium and ask questions?
    Cooperation and code-sharing with Colloquy? How much size would that add?

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Pasted by: dchoby98
When:15 years, 6 months ago
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  Need a different message view for active channels
  Need to make sure certain notifications ('away' for example) don't show in the dock for channels

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